The Business of
Extraordinary Service

We will deliver extraordinary service, at a profit if we can — at a loss if we must — but always extraordinary service.

UCF Business Services
UCF Business Services

Business Services prides itself on both our recognized and unseen involvement with the university.

We support education by taking care of business.


What We Do

UCF Business Services is composed of a diverse array of self-sustaining business entities that provide products and services for the university and its surrounding communities. We support the University of Central Florida by establishing partnerships that enhance the economic development of the university.

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service while enhancing and reinvesting in the university. Entities of UCF Business Services share a common goal of providing a variety of goods and services to UCF students, faculty, staff and visitors that are convenient, competitively priced and emphasize high quality and service.


Business Services: An Auxiliary Unit of the University

As a self-funded auxiliary unit, we receive no funds from the state or university. Our activities are funded through our own operations and excess revenue from our endeavors are returned to the university in the form of investments, funds and infrastructure.


2010 - 2011 Annual Report

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